About emerge


When launching a start-up, you’ve got to create a message, connect with creatives to help you get your message out and plan for growth. Not only the numerical growth of your company, but your inevitable growth as a business owner. The former growth can be exhilarating, stressful and confusing all at once and your progress as an entrepreneur is critical for the success of your endeavor.

Many people have a great idea for a business, but have no idea how to start the process of turning a dream into reality. Some may have some of the tools to start a business and really want to run their own company, but are struggling with a business plan. Others may be facing internal fears and resistance that is preventing them from taking a necessary leap to take their business to the next level.

At emerge life design, the goal is always to facilitate organic growth, as a person and as a business. I do this by partnering with you to help you navigate the process of starting a company. The goals, strategies and milestones are all your accomplishments. emerge will guide you through the proper steps to set your goals, develop your strategies and milestones and celebrate your success.

This unique coaching process helps entrepreneurs and creatives:

  • Tap into your spark and actualize it into reality

  • Clarify your vision, mission and niche

  • Collaborate and brainstorm feasible business ideas

  • Refine potential products, services or projects

  • Develop a more strategic approach with goals and accountability

  • Overcome fears and resistance that surface during growth

  • Gain new insight into business options and alternatives

  • Develop an Action Plan and spark momentum to take small, doable action steps

  • Monitor progress, brainstorm alternatives and make course corrections

  • Stay the course and achieve desired results