Happy Clients

If you’re ready for a new start, I would highly recommend starting with Megan and emerge.
— Wendy K.

I came to Megan in the midst of starting not one, but two businesses. I was overwhelmed - being a young entrepreneur in a new city, trying to carve out my niche while clinging on financially. We sat down for a consult and after totally spilling my story about starting an apparel line and a photography business, with very little income, she started helping me plan.

Within the first two weeks, I had launched a completely renovated website, ordered those business cards I had been skimping on, and had actionable tasks to make my vision happen. Megan helped me through varied issues from, "When is a good time to splurge on new equipment?" to "How can I find better social balance?" to "How do I solve stuff with my business partner without ruining the friendship?"

Usually, I'm a person who never asks for help. I think I can do it all on my own, and it tends turns out alright. But I'm learning that there's a big difference in 'alright' and 'the absolute bomb' - and I'm also learning that no one really 'does it' alone. Having someone to guide and help problem-solve and ask the tough questions is so, so imperative to having the kind of success we all want.

And not that money should be a measure of success, but I've definitely grown financially since starting my "life design" with Megan (and I've spent money on more useful things, too). It's hard to express how seriously important it is to have someone like Megan who you can talk to about serious (or not so serious) things and who has been an entrepreneur many times herself. She gets it. I've never had that connection before.

— kirstin G.

Megan and I worked together to help me move forward in a time when I was really stuck in my career and my life.  She was really able to help me understand my needs in both aspects to help me start on a path to the best choices.  I came out of my sessions with Megan with a better idea of who I was and what I wanted and most of all how to get those things!

I was truly happy with the results I had working with Megan and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a new path.  Don't get me wrong, looking into yourself and finding out what is truly important to you is not always an easy thing to do!  But Megan helped make it interesting and fun.  Just know that you get out of it what you put into it!  She'll guide you, but the work must come from you!

If you're ready for a new start, I would highly recommend starting with Megan and emerge.

— Wendy K.

I've been working with Megan for almost 6 months. I came to her looking for an outsider's perspective on the career path I had been on, and also for advice on how change industries and really nail down what was important for me in my career. 

Megan was able to connect me with people that I otherwise would have never met and she kept me encouraged in my job hunting process. I enjoyed meeting with her every couple weeks, sharing with her my progress and concerns, and getting new ideas from her. If something came up, she was very flexible and was always able to meet with me when needed. 

I would highly recommend Megan as a Career Coach. Her positive attitude and innate ability to help was very important to me as I went through this transition period in my life. AND she has an amazing dog Sam that always brightened my spirit :)

— jamie L.